Wind Challenger Project


13-15 Apr. 2016
Wind Challenge Project was demonstrated at SEA JAPAN 2016 at Tokyo Big Site
8 Sep. 2015
Member of IWSA (International Wind-ship association)
21 Apr. 2015
Wind Challenger Project was extolled at "Natural Propulsion Seminar - 4th Edition"
28 Mar. 2014
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Sail of Wind Challenger Ship

You can see the arbitrary 3D image of the sail system of Wind Challenger Project.

On-land test for a rigid sail (1/2.5 size)

We are carrying out the on-land test with a large scale sail model (1/2.5 size, Height:20m, breadth:10m) at Sasebo Nagasaki from Jan2014. We are validating the durability and performance of the rigid sail for half a year.
Movie: the test sail (full sail)

SEA JAPAN 2012/14/16 @ Tokyo Big Site

Wind Challenger Project made presentations at SEA JAPAN 2016 (13 - 15. Apr. 2016) @ Tokyo Big Site. You can see interview movie in SEA JAPAN 2012 is here (Youtube).

Wind Challenger Office

Takuji Waseda, Professor
The University of Tokyo

5-1-5 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba, 277-8563, Japan

TEL/FAX: +81-4-7136-4885

e-mail:  waseda—